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Legal note Gran Hotel Luna de Granada

Legal note
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II. Information on Law 34/2002 of the Information Services Society (LSSICE)


In compliance with that decreed in article 10 of the LSSICE, Sagatu Asociados Comercial Hotelera SL, Tax Identification Card number B-63751853, informs you that the company is a society registered on the Business register of Barcelona, within Volume 37.795, Sheet 0085, Page B-305370, Inscription 6, with the Barcelona address of, Calle París nº 120, 1ª, C.P 08036 (henceforth SERCOTEL).


You can contact us by Tel. 933636363, Fax 933636360 and via the email


The abovementioned company is the owner of the domain name and the Internet website which can be accessed via the domain:


2. Conditions of use


The terms 'You' and 'User' are used here to refer to all individuals and/or bodies that access this website for any reason.


Sercotel aims to bring the world of Sercotel Hotels closer to its users. In order to do this, Sercotel places at their users’ disposal, information and services relating to our hotels, such as online room reservations, pre-reservation service, hotel finder, tariff finder, pre-reservation of meeting and conference rooms, customer services, and employment listings (henceforth "the services") via


Use of this website and/or its services, will imply full and unreserved acceptance, and the validity of each and every one of the General Conditions set out in the latest version of these Conditions of use, and therefore, the user should be aware of the importance of reading these each time they visit our website. Access and/or use of particular services offered to users (henceforth the user) at, is subject to certain conditions that, depending on the case, may substitute, modify and/or complete these Conditions of use. Before accessing and/or using the services, the user should read and accept these conditions.


2.1 The user agrees to use the website and the services which are placed at their disposal through it, in accordance with the Law, moral codes, good behaviour and public order, including those set out in the current Conditions of use. As a consequence, the user is forbidden to use the website, or its services, for illicit purposes and/or for any effects which are contrary to the current Conditions of use, or detrimental to the rights and/or interests of any third parties, or which may cause harm to the website in any way, and/or its image, or which impede its normal use, or that of services which are its accessible to the remainder of the users.


2.2 In order to enhance the functioning of and to benefit the users, Sercotel may, at any time and without prior warning, unilaterally modify the services offered or any substantial aspect of the current website or the technical conditions for operation and use of the services at In the same way, and for the purpose of improving the service and establishing the highest level of quality, which is the main objective of Sercotel Hotels, users may suggest any modifications that they feel may be useful by contacting the website administrators through the email


2.3 The users of should comply with any instruction they receive by email from, Sercotel Hotels or their duly authorised staff.


3. Commercial Communications by email


At Sercotel we adhere to a policy of "permission marketing", for which we seek your consent in relation to any Commercial Communications that we may send you via email. In accordance with Articles 20 and 21 of the LSSICE, we inform you that the data that you provide us will be used for these commercial communications relating to our services, which may be of interest to you, and for which you have provided your consent to receiving commercial communication (E-mail, SMS, etc…) from us relating to the range of products and services we offer, as well as for other purposes relating to the hotel sector, travel, gastronomy and leisure. Additionally, we inform you that the personal data that you provide us may be passed on, for the aforementioned purposes, to other companies from the Sercotel Group and their associates.


All the companies and associates of the Sercotel Group are indicated on our website


All the above is without prejudice to your right to cancel your consent to the receipt of the these commercial communications at any time, by contacting the address above in writing, or by sending an email to


4. Reasons for exclusion


Sercotel reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude users in any of the following circumstances. For non-compliance of any of the General Conditions of Use established within the current document. For non-compliance of the laws, moral code, public order and particularly including but not limited to, use of the website or of our services, which is not permitted if this includes (i) material that infringes the author's rights without due authority, or which infringes any other Intellectual Property or Industrial rights, (ii) material that is offensive or that threatens public security and national defence, (iii) material which defends terrorism, racism, or other discriminatory conduct for reasons of race, gender, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other social or personal circumstance, (iv) material which threatens young people or children, particularly pornography, and more so anything that threatens minors, (v) any threatening or defamatory material, or material that incites violence.


In accordance with that established in the LSSI, Sercotel will interrupt the service as soon as it becomes aware that an illicit activity has taken place, or that third party goods have been damaged, or rights have been breached.


The exclusion of a user will not mean that Sercotel Hotels renounces taking the corresponding legal action or seeking compensation which rightly corresponds to them.


5. The Right to Modify Conditions of Use


Sercotel Hotels reserves the right to unilaterally modify, without prior notice, any of the terms and conditions within the current Conditions of Use for any terms or conditions it believes to be convenient, informing the users through the website of any modifications made.


6. Intellectual Property and Author's Rights


All the information contained at, the graphic design and the HTML, JAVA, JAVA Script or Active X language code, is protected by author's rights or other rights for protecting intellectual property. These rights belong exclusively to Sercotel Hotels or to their licensors. Internet users who access this website can view the information contained therein and download or reproduce it for private use on their computer, as long as the elements reproduced are not later given to third parties or are not installed on a server or local network which is connected to the internet. Without prejudice to that stated in the current Conditions of use, the distribution, modification, transfer, public communication, reproduction or any other action, partly or completely on behalf of the information published on is not permitted without prior authorisation from Sercotel Hotels.


The user should use the content and information gathered on, diligently, correctly and legally, and more specifically, only for personal use, and not for commercial use, always without deleting or modifying the contents or any mention of the source, copyright and other identifying information on the rights of Sercotel Hotels or of third parties. That is, respecting the original form of the material. The use of any reproduction or copy, distribution or publication of any kind of the content within the information published on which has not been previously authorised in writing by Sercotel Hotels remains forbidden. Authorisation for reproduction can be requested from If any user or third party considers that any of the existing content at included within the website is a violation of author's rights or of another right for protecting intellectual property, we would ask them to contact Sercotel Hotels and make us aware of this by sending this notification by email to, including the following details, at least: a) Name, address, telephone number and email address of the claimant. b) Details of the person who holds the author's rights or other rights for protecting intellectual property which may have been infringed. c) An indication of the content that may have been infringed and the location of the page on d) A declaration that the insertion of the contents that has taken place without the express authorisation of the owner of these rights or other intellectual property rights. Without prejudice to that stated in the above paragraph, Sercotel reserves the right to defend itself against any claims based on current regulations relating to publicity and author's rights or other rights to protect intellectual property.


7. Hyperlinks


7.1 Should refer to third party publicity links or websites, Sercotel cannot be held accountable for the control or lack of previous control, approval or ownership of the services, contents, data, files, products or any other type of material on the third party website, and for this reason, Sercotel will not be liable under any circumstances, for the legality of the contents of these website/s, as the responsibility for these falls exclusively with the third party, including but not limited to legal, moral, good behaviour and public order of the contents, and that these do not infringe any third party rights. The existence of a hyperlink does not presuppose any type of relationship between Sercotel and the website owner where the link has been placed.


7.2Users or third parties who seek to place a hyperlink to the website, should guarantee that the hyperlink will only permit access to the website or services of the website, and including but not limited to the creation, reproduction of the contents, deep-links, browsers, inaccuracies and unclear statements about the contents of the website. Apart from those symbols which form part of the hyperlink, the user should guarantee that the website in which the hyperlink is placed does not contain brands, commercial names, business signs, designations, logos, slogans or any other type of distinctive sign belonging to Sercotel Hotels.


8. Exclusion from guarantees and responsibilities


8.1 Sercotel does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of its website nor of the products or services at the disposal of the user, and excludes any type of responsibility for damage and/or loss of any kind that may be caused due to a lack of availability, reliability, or continuity of its website or services, although it will attempt to facilitate, as much as possible, technical assistance with the affected person.


Sercotel will not be held responsible for the interruption, suspension, temporary server failure or end of the information or services, nor any possible problems resulting from omissions, loss of information, data, configurations, unauthorised access or violation of confidentiality originating from technical, communication or human neglect problems caused by third parties or those not attributed to Sercotel.


8.2 Sercotel Hotels is not obliged to control or prevent the absence of viruses or other elements in the contents which may be produced by changes in the software or hardware by users or other persons that may visit the website, and will not be answerable for damage or loss of any kind which may result from these.


8.3 Sercotel is not obliged to control, prevent, approve or appropriate the services, contents, data, files, products and any other type of material that exists on a third party website or websites. For this reason, Sercotel will not be answerable, under any circumstances, to the legality of the contents of these website/s, this being the exclusive responsibility of the third parties, including but not limited to, respect of the law, moral codes, good behaviour and public order of the contents, as well as not impairing any third party rights whatsoever. In accordance with the LSSICE, Sercotel will not be responsible for the mailing of any information, if we do not have direct knowledge that the activity, or if the information that we send is unlawful or infringes the rights of third parties. It should be understood that, according to the LSSICE, "direct knowledge" is defined as a competent body declaring the data is unlawful and ordering its removal, or preventing access to it, or if the existence of the damage is declared and Sercotel knows how to resolve this.


8.4 Sercotel is not obliged to control, nor does it control or guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the product or services function at the disposition of the users by third parties which is hosted outside, and this excludes any responsibility for damages and/or loss of any kind that may be forthcoming due to a lack of availability, reliability, or continuity of their website or their services. The user will respond to any damage and/or loss of any kind suffered by Sercotel as a consequence of the non-compliance on the part of the user, of the law, or any other general conditions set out in the current agreement.


9. Safeguards of the Conditions of use


If one of the clauses of the current Conditions of use was declared null or inoperable, the remaining Conditions would be maintained in the agreed terms. Sercotel commits to substitute the nulled clause by approximating another to the initial intention sought by the parties as much as possible.


10. Personal data protection policy


Sercotel has defined its data protection according to that established within EU Regulation EU 2016/679 (General Regulations on Data Protection) in respect of the data which you have willingly and freely provided through our website. Click here to read our policy.


11. Applicable law and jurisdiction


11.1. The Spanish las will be the applicable law in case of dispute or misinterpretation of the terms that shape these Terms of Use, as well as any other conflict regarding Sercotel's services.


11.2. For the resolution of any controversy that may arise from the use of the website and / or its services, the people involved agree to submit to the jurisdiction of judges and courts established within the regulations on procedural matters and / or consumers and users for the assumption of being a consumer. If there is no such consideration, submission to the Judges and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona is agreed.


12. Complaints and Claims


For any complaint or claim related to the use of the website and / or its services, as well as the services offered by Sercotel, you can contact the Customer Service Department at the telephone number 933.63.63.63 or via email at


You can also write an ordinary mail addressed to: "SAGATU ASOCIADOS COMERCIAL HOTELERA S.L., C/Paris nº120, Barcelona (C.P.08036)


For your claim, you can use the form attached to these general conditions or write the document you deem appropriate using as many sheets as considered necessary.


Maximum delivery term for your claim will be 30 days counted from the day after the claim was filled.


After this period, if the claim has not been solved yet, the same will be deemed dismissed to all appropriate effects.


All this, in accordance with what is agreed in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, November 16th, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.


13. Warranty deposit's Clause


Upon check-in, the reception staff will require the client to present a credit card of his/her ownership, just as a warranty for any possible incidents that may take place during the stay at the chosen hotel.


Any use of these data is regulated by the protection indicated in the Privacy Policy section present on the website throughout all the hotels within the Sercotel group (Link to the privacy policy).


In a subsidiary way, and for those customers who are not able or do not wish to present a credit card of their ownership, a deposit can be made for the equivalent amount of night booked. This deposit will be fully cashed back upon check-out once the absence of any kind of incident has been verified.


14. Relationship between Sercotel Hotels and associated businesses:


Hotel Coliseo Bilbao - Inversiones Naron 2003, S.L. B63566244


Hotel Sorolla Palace - Inmobiliaria Guadalmedina, S.A. A29005782




Being a member of Sercotel Rewards allows you to enjoy exclusive discounts, personal treatment and quality service.



    • Accumulative discounts on any tariff or offer up to 10% for members.


    • Preferential treatment offered directly to members of Sercotel Rewards at the hotel.


    • A Welcome Pack for you to enjoy in your room when you arrive at the hotel.



You will also be able to take part in special raffles and competitions.



According to that established by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council on 27 April 2016 regarding the protection of individuals in connection to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of this data, and which supercedes Directive 95/46/CE (GDPR), Sagatu Associates Commercial Hotels, S.L. whose registered address is c/ Paris 120, 1ª planta de Barcelona (CP.08036) and whose NIF (tax identification number) is B-63751853 (henceforth Sercotel Hotels or the data processor) informs you that, as a member of the Sercotel Rewards club, the data you provide voluntarily through the current electronic registration form will be used for the purpose of sending commercial information, promotions and services of Sercotel Hotels through any electronic means. The legitimisation for handling your data for these objectives is based on the data processor’s legitimate interest and in the contractual and/or pre-contractual relationship generated by your registration as a member of Sercotel Rewards.


Your data will be stored during the lifetime of your subscription to the Sercotel Rewards club, or until you exercise your opposition and/or suppression rights, according to that established within the GDPR.


The personal data collected from you will not be given or communicated to third parties, except when deemed necessary for the development, control and fulfilment of the objectives stated in the current conditions and in those assumed according to the Law, such as in specific cases, which will be expressly communicated to the User.


The interested party will, at any time, be able to exercise their rights to access, rectify, suppress, limit, oppose and all other rights set out in the GDPR, by communicating this in writing to the registered address of SAGATU ASOCIADOS COMERCIAL HOTELERA, S.L, at Calle París 120, 1, 08036 Barcelona, and including in their request a copy of their DNI (identification card) or other equivalent document, and marking the communication as “DATA PROTECTION”; or by email to


If you have not been satisfied when exercising your rights, or the way this has been carried out, you can make a complaint to the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Data Protection Agency). You can obtain more information at


By accepting the current conditions, the participant declares and guarantees they are of adult age AND that all the personal data provided to Sercotel Hotels is true and corresponds to them. Additionally, the participant agrees not to include any personal data belonging to third parties on the registration form they send to Sercotel Hotels for the purpose of participating in the current loyalty club.

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